Over 40 years of safari outtfitting experience in multiple countries. We will make your trip easy... and fun! That is the way a safari should be. Hakuna Matata!
We strive to give our clients an authentic and safe safari experience. We provide tailor-made trips to fit your personal needs, interests and budget.
We will match one or more of our experienced team members to your safari for a perfect fit and a great time in Africa. You will notice our care and professionalism in all aspects of your safari
We offer countless itineraries and combinations of the different regions to discover. Enjoy a mix of Africa’s diverse landscapes and be enthused by their beauty and wealth of wildlife.

We strive to give our clients an authentic and safe safari experience.

We provide tailor-made trips to fit your personal needs, interests and budget.

Trailblazer Safaris is owned and operated by professional and knowledgeable leaders in the safari industry with over 40 years of safari experience in multiple countries. We have a unique international team with the tools and passion to assist those ready to explore Africa’s unique wildlife and Culture.


The best time to visit Africa is now! With Trailblazer Safaris you can visit a great location in Africa virtually any time of the year. Click on your desired destination below for more details.


Everything you need to know about weather, regions of each country, sample itineraries, experiences, and other practical topics to help you get ready for your adventure. If you prefer a visual representation, we have included many pictures and videos to get you inspired!


Karibu! It means “Welcome” in Swahili. You’re going to hear that a lot in Tanzania and you truly are welcome here in this great country full of wonderful people and the most authentic wildlife viewing in the world.


Botswana, one of Africa’s top wildlife viewing destinations, has a lot to offer to the adventurous tourists. We are certain you will fall in love with Botswana’s unspoiled and picturesque landscapes and its wildlife.


South Africa is one of the most extraordinary countries on the continent. It provides visitors with great safari destinations, rich culture, stunning landscapes, sunshine, pristine beaches and countless adventures.


Africa offers countless opportunities and different regions to discover on your safari. Below are a range of example safaris according to each country. This will give you a picture of the beautiful sights & sounds of this vast continent. Our experts will match the best destinations to your preferences. We take into consideration your budget, time, and special activities to compose your custom-made safari.


In addition to our many customary game drives; you will be spoiled for choices of interactive adventures to make the most of Africa’s legendary landscapes and amazing wildlife. Our well-plannned excursions will add a special dimension to your itinerary, turning your already memorable holiday into the experience of a lifetime.

  • Wonderful trip with trailblazers safaris to Tanzania

      My wife and I had a fabulous safaris with trailblazer in 2019.We are going back again this year.They plan every detail. The guides Abu and Thabit are very friendly ,outgoing and knowledgeable! We saw all the parks! It was too great too describe

    Brad Thorgaard TripAdvisor
  • Best Safari in Africa!

    HIGHLY recommend Trailblazer Safaris! I’ve been on two safaris with them in Tanzania & have a third planned in S Africa this year! From hot air balloon rides in the Serengeti to waterfall hikes at Lake Natron, they completely customize every safari for your needs, taking into consideration your timeframe & budget. They are incredibly professional, friendly, and great to work with. You honestly can’t go wrong booking with Trailblazer Safaris!

    Kerri TripAdvisor
  • The best trip I've ever done! Hakuna Matata!

    I can't say enough good things about Trailblazer Safaris. The personal itinerary, staff, and overall experience was incredible. Our guides were so knowledgeable of the country and wildlife. We saw every animal you can think outside of a Black Mamba(kind of glad on that one). The black rhino, lions, more giraffes than I can count, and even leopards with cubs. If you want an experience you will never forget, I highly recommend doing it with this organization. The guides for our trip were so funny and welcoming! I'm a dummy and left my wallet at a stop. The guides coordinated with friends and got my wallet back. It was such a relief especially being abroad. We still joke and keep in touch via social media and I'm happy to say I have friends in Africa! You truly have Hakuna Matata(No Worries) with this group!

    Chris TripAdvisor
  • Trailblazers Safaris

    This Safari was a life changing experience....and took me completely by surprise! I have travelled quite a bit, covered the globe twice-over and had enjoyed a day Safari some years ago....not even close to this adrenaline filled 14 day Trailblazer Safari. Every day seemed to be packed with more memorable moments than the one before it. The local guides and organizers had every situation and every question covered. The professional staff at Trailblazer immersed us for two weeks in the unforgettable African culture, wilderness and amazing wildlife. No one should die without experiencing a Safari....and in my mine this Trailblazer group is the best.

    Biff and Molly Burk TripAdvisor
  • Tanzania Safari

    Words can not completely describe how incredible this experience has been for me. We had a group of 8 traveling together. From the moment we arrived to the moment we left, trailblazer safari ensured our wellbeing was kept and our needs were met. The whole experience was truly magical. The animals, the culture, the people, and the landscape combined in a way that made me fall in love with Africa. From the moment i left, i have been planning my next trip back to the continent. My first choice would obviously be trailblazer safaris. I highly recommend talking to their staff and allowing them to create a personalized itinerary for your needs. I had an amazing experience and made great friends. This trip has left a wonderful mark on my soul. I’m quite certain it will change your life too... for the better!    

    Froy TripAdvisor

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